Welcome to the Wonderful World of Drama!

Theatre Arts is the greatest class ever! The skills you will develop as a student of theatre go well beyond the stage. Sure, “drama” students learn a great deal about acting, directing, writing and doing technical work on a play. But the real value of an education in theatre comes in the life skills we develop along the way

I strive to lead my students to:

-collaborate with all types of personalities

-work together in a team to achieve a common goal

-speak with confidence in front of large groups of people

-explore their own creativity and self-expression

-appreciate art in all its forms

-grow in their capacity to take direction from a leader as well as be self-directed when appropriate

-depend on others and allow others to depend on them

-develop skills of memorization and meeting deadlines

I’m so excited about this school year! Every class is a new and different experience and it is amazing to see the growth our students are capable of in one year’s time.

Links to lesson plans and other important information can be found to the right. If you need to reach me at anytime, my email address is davidervin@misdmail.org


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